Top 10 Switzerland Casino Sites

Online Casino SwitzerlandNowadays, Swiss players can find a secure and transparent gambling experience at a growing number of top Swiss casinos, all supervised by regulatory bodies such as the Swiss Gambling Commission, Alderney, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.

Below you’ll find our list of the most reputable Swiss Casinos. Each of these online casinos has passed our stringent tests for fairness, speed of payouts and customer service. All our Swiss casinos accept deposits and make payouts in CHF.

List of Top 10 Switzerland Online Casino Sites

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What to look for before playing for the first time

When online casinos began to spring up in the early days of the internet revolution, the truth is that nobody took them very seriously. Land casino operators took a look at them and said that they couldn’t possibly last.

Most of the Swiss public found it difficult to grasp that it could be possible to play and enjoy all of their favorite casino games in the safety and comfort of their own home.
Add that to the fact that the online gaming industry had more than their fair share of teething problems, from slow loading software to dodgy operators and a lot of other issues in between. In those days, the late nineteen nineties, even the most reputable online casinos were not the place where you would choose to spend too much time.

However nothing succeeds like success and the more that the leisure loving public saw the potential in online gaming and supported it, the better and more professional the Swiss casino sites became.

Nowadays visiting an online casino is a totally enjoyable experience and the real-cash casinos that have survived and flourished know exactly what their customers are looking for as well as how to provide it.

Swiss players work hard and treat their leisure time very seriously. They feel, and rightly so, that they are entitled to the best. And we make it our business to ensure that the standards they seek can be found.

Switzerland’s best web casinos have discovered that in order to keep their clients happy, they have to provide a complete gaming package so that their casino will be the first place that they visit when they want to play online.

19 Features that every online casino should have

The standards we seek in our favorite online casino should work out as follows:

1. The most powerful and up to the minute casino software available.

2. The option of either instant browser access or rapid download.

3. Graphics that are true to life without being obtrusive.

4. A very wide choice of games to suit every player’s taste.

5. The opportunity to play as guests without limit of time.

6. A wide choice of deposit methods to suit Swiss players’ preferences.

7. The choice of depositing in both Swiss and US dollars.

8. Withdrawal processing to deposit source that goes as smooth as silk.

9. Generous welcome bonuses for new members.

10. Match deposit bonuses of at least 100%.on every deposit, automatically credited.

11. Reasonable minimum wagering requirements on bonuses received.

12. An endless stream of innovative promotions to keep the players interest.

13. Generous loyalty points schemes that work in the background as a player plays that can be credited or withdrawn without any minimum wagering requirements.

14. Entry into progressive slot promotions with life-changing jackpot prizes.

15. Around the clock tournaments for Texas Hold’em players at all levels.

16. The latest craps, roulette and blackjack variations to add some spice to playing these traditional table games.

17. Authorised payout levels across the board that should be no less than 97%.

18. Customer service staff on call 24/7 who are as efficient and knowledgeable as they are friendly.

19. The ability to ask questions and solve problems through toll free telephone connections and live chat facilities, and not wait too long for e-mail replies.

Thanks to these advances and the standards now reached, finding the best online casino to suit every player is so much easier than it was fifteen, ten or even five years ago. And it’s going to get better all of the time.

Settle for nothing but the highest standards when choosing an online casino to spend your free time on!