Twice The Money Slot – 100x BIG WIN – Live Play Bonus!

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The Twice the Money slot machine by Ainsworth is a fun game and utilizes a “Two-Step” ‎bonus, which I really enjoy! Like most video slots, in order to achieve that Big Win or Jackpot, you first need to trigger the bonus for 10 spins by landing 3 or more gold nugget scatter bonus symbols. During the free spins, you then need 3 or more additional bonus symbols to trigger the “Twice the Money” feature, which awards you 5 additional spins and for the remainder of your bonus, the 3rd reel wild symbols become multipliers from 2x to 8x according to the following: Free Games 1 to 4: 2x, 5 to 8: 4x, 9 to 10: 8x, and 11 to 15: 8x (if triggered). I really enjoyed the theme of Twice the Money and thought it to be a nicely balanced title, Enjoy!

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  1. I love this machine, we have the exact same here in Australia.. but when you retrigger in the feature it gives you Super Chance and Ultimate chance instead and the mulitpliers go up to x12. So good. Great win 🙂

  2. I really enjoy your vids. I watch several channels but only subscribe to a few because I have to turn the sound off of so many due to the language. 🙁 I'm not a prude, but it just grates on me to listen to that over and over. You are a classy guy!

  3. You are my favourite slot channel for several reasons….I like that you push the button and don't make us wait ad nauseum while it counts up, I like that you stop and start a new session on the same machine, I like your comments, I like the length of your videos….slot watching videos has become my new go to past time…thanks for posting…

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