Subway Surfers Monaco Mega Jackpot Double Up!

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First Subway Surfers Monaco Mega Jackpot Double up! 1,800,000 beautiful coins added to the BEAST stack! THANK YOU SUBWAY SURFER GODS!

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  1. As I've previously mentioned in one of the other KDM videos, I did feel happy about getting 4 jackpots within a day but not being able to double it up because of the lack of ad on windows phone, made me pretty sad. I always hunt for jackpots on every Tuesday but the lack of ad is just not fair. I can't really blame them for, less than 1 percent of the subway surfers are on windows phone. But come on 🙁

  2. will, this Tuesday, I didn't hit the jackpot once again. Till today, I have got 5 jackpots and all in mystery boxes. Out of it, ihave got 3 0.9 million coin jackpots. It is interesting to say- My first jackpot which I got, I started with the price of only 57000 coin and I got it on3000. the next two were if two consecutive Tuesdays with one losing only 30000 and on the other losing 400000. the next two which I got were both on Saturdays in mystery boxes. one of them I GOT AFTER COMPLETING THE RUN AND THE OTHER I GOT AFTER LONG TIME WITH STARTING PRICE ONLY 60000. I HAVE NOT LOST TOOO MANY COINS BUT THIS IS TRUE. I WILL ALSO GO FOR THE JACKPOT NEXT TUESDAY WITH SOME 80000 COINS AND TRY TO GET THE JACKPOT ONCE AGAIN.I WILL COMMENT IT ON THE LATEST VIDEO BEDORE TUESDAY. THX. TRUE STORY

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