New Casino Online And Latest Trends Going Into 2020

Online gambling is big in many countries around the world. For example, even though several cities in the USA like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno are the favorite destinations for the traditional casinos this hasn’t stopped the growth of the online casino industry in the USA. It is also popular in many European countries as well. For example, the UK allows all forms of online gambling including online casinos and poker. In fact, it is believed that casinos contribute to a very large percentage (32%) of the overall gambling activity in the European Union.


It has also taken Canada by storm where over 76% of the adult population is involved in some form of gambling. Online casinos are allowed to operate in several territories in Canada and are legal. In fact, it is the online casino industry has undergone several innovations to include mobile technology and virtual reality as well. The same can be said for Asia and Australia as well. A new casino tends to spark the interest of online gamblers with the expectation of new technology and features. This article describes the future trends of online casinos and a list of new ones.

Future Trends of Casinos Online

The world of online gambling has already expanded beyond the desktop computers and laptops and is available on mobile phones and tablet computers as well. In fact, a large number of people prefer to use their mobile devices to play online games. Although smartphone online casino players form a very small percentage of the players, new technology is attracting more number of users.

There are several new trends expected in the casinos as 2020 approaches:

  • Use of Cryptocurrency: More number of online casinos are allowing the use of crypto currencies. Players are allowed to use Bitcoin & many other digital currencies for the purpose of deposits, withdrawals, and during gameplay as well. Cryptocurrencies ensure an added level of security as well.
  • Live Dealers: As more number of players are making the shift to the online casinos, the fact that many of them are now offering “Real Live Dealers” has a lot to do with it.
  • VR Gaming: Virtual Reality (VR) has already made a big impression in the world of online gambling. The use of VR technology to access virtual casinos is becoming a preferred method of playing in online casinos. The VR feature is expected to be big in 2020 making it more accessible and more feature-rich.
  • Compatible with new platforms like Mobile & Smartwatches: The online casinos are becoming more interactive as they start to become compatible with more platforms like mobile device and smartwatch. Although mobile gambling has been around for a while there is a trend shift towards it becoming more popular in the future. Additionally, as more people prefer gambling while on the move and smartwatches becoming the chosen gadget of many people around the world; gambling on smart watches is the next trend that is gaining a lot of ground. Hence the people who were already using their mobile devices and tablets are now having a new device to access the online gambling sites. As Wearable technology gets more popular the online gambling is becoming more accessible and interactive on our smartwatches.

Popular & New Online Casinos

There are several new online casinos that are highly rated and consist of many innovative features offering various bonuses as well:

  • Scatters Casino
  • Kassu Casino
  • Slotansza
  • Casino Winner
  • Gambol
  • Snabbis
  • Live Casino
  • Craze Play Casino
  • BetToday
  • Spicy Spins
  • Jackpot Village
  • Slot Devil
  • Lucky Days
  • SvenB