Happy Lantern Lightning Link slot machine, 2 sessions

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These two sessions were played in the Nugget, in Sparks, Nevada. My sense is that the Lightning Link machines there may be set a little looser than some of your average local casinos.

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  1. I'm a little surprised to see you "chasing progressives"this morning, but watching some other Happy Lantern films on YouTube, I think I know why. You played this same game at the same casino, the Nugget is Sparks, NV, a years ago (Jan 2016) and doubled your money. Your friend Tressa & her husband played this New Years Eve and won $93 betting $1.00 — but the real memorable win belongs to your friend Diana who 13 months ago at the Palazzo got the Major jackpot of $785 (but unfortunately did not get all 15 coins) and won a $819.87 bonus on the Happy Lantern Hold and Spin feature.
    Now, what I want to know, Random, is why can't JG do that too? Actually, I've quit playing all 6 Lightning Link games. Quit playing Lock N Link too. I loved them when they first came out — played them a lot at Cosmo December 2015 . (Bet you don't remember why.) But I don't do so well now that all the casinos have them. I'm waiting for a Gold Bonanza. LOL

  2. 7am, first comment!!! 58 views ,3 likes. Nice games, you did better on the first bonus, have played these games, but not won as much as you. We will have to gas up the car, and get to Sparks!!!!

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